( FAQ )
Q: Do you have a catalog?
A: Yes, we appreciate your interest in the products that Diddesigns has to offer. You are invited to view our lastest merchandise online.
Q: How should I care for my Diddesigns product?
A: The fabric for Diddesigns products is preshrunk prior to construction to minimize shrinkage. The seams are taped to give garments longevity and prevent abrasion. The sportswear styling is tailored to meet customer needs. Please see clothing tags for complete details.
Q: If an item goes on sale that I just purchased, can I get a credit for the price difference?
A: If we make a permanent price reduction on a product featured on our web store, you may request a one-time price adjustment on full price merchandise within 7 days from the ship date. This policy is only applicable to product listed on Diddesigns.com. Items not purchased at full price are ineligible for price adjustments. Note that limited time promotional sales prices are not permanent price changes.
Q: Can you send me something for free (e.g. merchandise samples)?
A: Please note that our web store do have promotional and gift offers. Such as our fashion scratch off lottery ticket.
Q: How do I get on the Diddesigns email list?
A: You can join the Diddesigns email list by going to our homepage and click on Customer Assistance.
Q: How can I sell Diddesigns products in my store?
A: Diddesigns is owned and operated by Diddesigns, Inc. Diddesigns is not structured as a in store business. We are based only online. If you own a store and wish to sell Diddesigns products in your store, we encourage you to email us at: Diddesigns.com.
Q: What if I change my mind and want a different size or color after my order is placed?
A: Once an order is placed, you can not make changes. For assistance please read our return guidelines in our Return Policy.
Q: Can I produce clothing for Diddesigns?
A: Diddesigns designers team use the highest quality materials at the best value for Diddesigns customers. If you feel you meet Diddesigns strict standards for quality and craftsmanship, please email us your inquiries to Diddesigns.com.
Q: How can I model for Diddesigns?
A: Diddesigns uses a specific look to cast for advertisements, commercials, and fashion shows. If you are interested, you can sign-up by going to our home page and click on Model Submission. We can not accept unsolicited photos.
Q: Will Diddesigns sponsor me or my event?
A: Please email us your proposal details and information.
Q: How can I learn more about your events and promotions?
A: You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube for all the lastest news.
Q: If I give a gift to someone, can that person exchange it for something else?
A: Yes, if the item meet our return guideline; it can be returned for a store credit only.
Q: Can Diddesigns donate any product to my non-profit organization?
A: Please email us your donation request at Diddesigns.com, Attn: Human Resources.
Q: How can I get Diddesigns to advertise in my publication?
A: Please email us at Diddesigns.com, Attn:Public Relation Department.
Were you able to find the answer to your question?  If not, email us at Diddesigns.com.