D.I.D is a USA company located in the state of Pennsylvania.
The company was established in July of 1995.
The company was later incorporated in January of 2006.
D.I.D is a family owned and operated company. Twenty five  years of combined experience in retail / wholesale fashion industry.
D.I.D produce men’s, women’s & children’s sportswear, casual wear and custom wear apparel. D.I.D create distinctive and versatile designs which will enhance your wardrobe.
D.I.D mission is to help our customers build and / or recreate their wardrobe. D.I.D encourage people to be more experimental with new apparel brands.

Customize your item & add your personal touch!
Three Easy Steps…
Step:1- Choose your item size & color.
Step:2- Choose your logo colors.
Step:3- Place your order.